Friday's Fantastic Finds {st. patty's day}

Wow, I'm way behind today!!! I meant to write this post yesterday, but instead I linked up to a bunch of fantastic parties (check them out here).  Then I was going to write it last night, but as I mentioned earlier in the week, my hubby and I started watching a new show (Game of Thrones) and we are sooo addicted!  We stayed up until 1am watching 3 more episodes (only 2 more and we are all caught up)!

Why didn't I write it this morning you ask?  Well if you read my I Wish Wednesday post, my hubby is going camping with the boys... but who do you think has to pack up all the food - his wonderful wife! haha.  Now that they are off and my munchkin is napping, I finally have a free moment...

So without further ado.... onto this week's fantastic finds!

Since St. Patty's day is tomorrow, I thought I'd do a little roundup of the fantastic St. Patrick's Day crafts, food, tutorials, etc that I've found in this wonderful blogging world of ours :)

I'll be sure to tell you what next weeks theme is (at the bottom of each weeks post), so if you have any suggestions (your personal creations OR anything you saw, tried, loved or just wanted to share), please leave a comment with all the info and a link to what you thought was FANTASTIC!

Also, if you want to PIN anything (which we all love doing), please click on the specific link and PIN from the original site... as they deserve ALL of the credit!  Thanks! 
(in no particular order) 
St. Patrick's Day Projects!

What a cute and easy way to add a little green to your house.  I love all the colorful buttons, plus it seemed pretty easy to make, which means that all those last minute crafters can still make something festive for the big day!

I love love love these easy NO-SEW pillows!  You have to go and check them out - they seem super simple to make, which means I can make pillows for every holiday and not even break a sweat! :)

My favorite part of this banner was that she used book pages instead of just plan paper.  I think it added the perfect touch!  

As soon as I saw this scarf I knew that I had to make it for my sister who would LOVE IT!  It's perfect for St. Patty's day, but even more perfect for every day. The tutorial is super easy to follow - which is always a plus.  check out more colorful inspiration over at The Color Issue!!!
Rainbow Cake --> Alderberry Hill

OMG, this cake looks awesome!  I love rainbows and I love this cake,  it's so creative and festive... plus it looks yummmmerss!!!!!

How cute is this onesie?  I love the lips and clover, such a fantastic idea!  I think I need to make this next year... but in my size :)

I saw this wreath and told my hubby "I'm making that!!" It's sooo cute and super creative.  Perfect addition to any St. Patty's Day!
next week...
So I haven't have many pregnancy cravings, BUT lately I've been noticing every yummy cupcake, brownie, pie, pastry etc.  But not just any dessert, specifically stuff that includes peanut butter and chocolate...mmmmmmmmm!  So next week's Fantastic Finds will be dedicated to:


Remember, if you have any suggestions, please leave a comment with your info and I'll check it out - THANKS!


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