Frozen Heart Whipped Cream

I was going to post this 2 weeks ago, but then I took an unintentional blog break.

It all started with my trip to Vegas.  I was so exhausted when we got back that I didn't do anything productive for almost a week... {insert old joke here}

The next weekend my sister flew in from San Fran so we could run my first 5k! {did I mention I didn't train for it AND was still extremely tired??!}

That was the start to my busy weekend... ran a 5k, took kids to Children's Museum, did a little wine tasting and had a fun little Birthday brunch with the rest of my sisters & some friends {see, at least I have an excuse for being tired... I'm old!}

Finally we went to Disneyland on my actual birthday... which ended with a trip to the ER {luckily my littlest one just had a sprained ankle - nothing broken!}

That brings us to today.  2 weeks later and I'm finally getting my a$$ back into gear and I am determined to get something done! 

So without further ado, here is my quick little Pintastic craft tutorial.
My little one loved making this and it was the easiest thing ever.... seriously, so easy.

First you need the following items:
Whipped cream
Cookie Cutter
Food Coloring (optional)
Fill the bowl with whipped cream
Put a few drops of food coloring - we wanted a pretty pink color
Gently mix
Luckily I have a little helper today :)
Pour into a freezer safe container
** TIP: Place some wax or parchment paper down underneath first.  I will make it easier to remove once frozen **

Now just wait patiently until it's frozen.  Hopefully the kids won't get too antsy. 
If they do, you can always give them a "special" snack
I think they liked it :)

Once it's frozen, it's time to pull out the cookie cutter :)
The best part was snacking on all the left overs :) 
The finished project :)

The original pin showed the heart placed in hot chocolate, but since it's 80 here... I opted for something different.
My daughter and her BFF wanted to partake in the fun,  so we made some chocolate milk {which they L.O.V.E} and added the "delicious heart ice cream" {their words, not mine} and they drank it up so fast!
Aren't they just too cute?!?!
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Pintastic Friday #2 {PB & Chocolate}

In case you missed last weeks post, here is a recap...  

I'm going to start sharing a few of my favorite pins each week and then pick one to make.  I started last week and the "goal" is to share my completed pin with you the next week.

So here is the big question... did I actually complete anything?    {drum-roll please....... }
I completed 2 projects, yes I said TWO!  {alright, I'm gonna be honest... don't be too impressed since one of the projects took me 5 min... literally}.

Valentine's Day WRITE card

Pink Heart Whipped Cream


So last week I confessed to being a Pinaholic,  but if I'm being really really truthful, I'm actually a PB & Chocoholic.  EVERY time I see anything with that combo I immediately pin it.   Immediately.

Here are a just a few {trust me, if you check out my pinterest, you'll find a TON more}

So much for that diet... hehe
Make sure to check back next week to see which one I chose!

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Personalized Golf Club Covers

Okay, this post is going to be short and sweet

I've been super busy this week trying to get everything together for our trip without the kids {Vegas Baby!!!}

YES, you heard me right, without the kids!!

While I'm super excited for my trip, I'm also excited to share this fun little craft I made for my golf playing father-in-law

In case you missed it,  I included these golf balls with this gift.  The Perfect Combo!

I created the design on my Silhouette Cameo

A few pointers:
  1. Make sure to print your template out on normal paper first to confirm that you have the appropriate size/shape
  2. VERY IMPORTANT!! Make sure to MIRROR your image BEFORE you print the final image on your iron-on sheets.  Otherwise everything will be backwards.
Next, peel off the negative space, so that only your image is left on the transfer paper 
Iron on.  Done!
Honestly, I was a little worried about how it would turn out since the shape wasn't the easiest to iron and the material was a little mesh-like.
But they turned out perfectly.

Now I'm off to finish cleaning the house before the long drive tomorrow!! Adios!!

{P.S. Thanks mom for watching the kiddos... especially over Valentine's Day.... you are awesome!!!}

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Personalized Golf Balls

Where did Monday go?  I wanted to get this posted first thing, but instead of working on posts last night, I watched the premier of Walking Dead w/the hubs.  Do any of you watch that show?!?!?  OMG {yes, I just said OMG},  if you don't, you must start watching NOW!  It's fantastic, addictive and an intense show - we love it!

Now normally I wouldn't have time to blog on Monday mornings, since my kiddos have swim class, but this morning was different...  I spent my morning sitting around while a plumber fixed the sink.


Luckily, after a quick 3.5 hours the sink was fixed - yahoo!!  Even though my morning errands were shot and swim class was cancelled at least I was able to squeeze a new post in {silver lining}

So, today I wanted to share this fun and easy Silhouette Cameo craft - great for anyone - but this was made for my Father-in-law.

I created the design on my Cameo first

I printed it on Tattoo Paper ** remember to mirror image before printing!!!**

Then I had my Cameo cut it out 
If you don't have a Cameo, Cricket, etc... you can print any image from Word, Photoshop, Etc {mirror image in printer settings} and then cut out with scissors :)

Time to apply on the golf ball
 Place on ball and wet the back {per the instructions on the tattoo paper package}
They turned out super cute...
Hopefully my Father-In-Law doesn't lose them all in the lake :)

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Pintastic Friday #1 {Valentine's}

Hello... My name is Angela... and I'm a Pinaholic

I love pinning great ideas, tips and recipes, but I'm REALLY bad about following thru and actually making them.

So I thought I'd try and motivate myself....

I'll start sharing a few of my favorite pins each week and then pick one to make.  So today is the start, next week I'll be sharing my completed pin and I'll post a new list of pins to attempt to tackle.


I think I want to squeeze in one (or two) more Valentine's Day crafts, so here are a few pintastic ones I've found :) 

Secret Messages

Conversation Love Blocks, Simple Valentine decor

 kid valentine crafts (pencil holder printables)

Now for the really hard part... picking which awesome craft to tackle.  
Wish me luck!

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