Pintastic Friday #2 {PB & Chocolate}

In case you missed last weeks post, here is a recap...  

I'm going to start sharing a few of my favorite pins each week and then pick one to make.  I started last week and the "goal" is to share my completed pin with you the next week.

So here is the big question... did I actually complete anything?    {drum-roll please....... }
I completed 2 projects, yes I said TWO!  {alright, I'm gonna be honest... don't be too impressed since one of the projects took me 5 min... literally}.

Valentine's Day WRITE card

Pink Heart Whipped Cream


So last week I confessed to being a Pinaholic,  but if I'm being really really truthful, I'm actually a PB & Chocoholic.  EVERY time I see anything with that combo I immediately pin it.   Immediately.

Here are a just a few {trust me, if you check out my pinterest, you'll find a TON more}

So much for that diet... hehe
Make sure to check back next week to see which one I chose!

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