Personalized Golf Club Covers

Okay, this post is going to be short and sweet

I've been super busy this week trying to get everything together for our trip without the kids {Vegas Baby!!!}

YES, you heard me right, without the kids!!

While I'm super excited for my trip, I'm also excited to share this fun little craft I made for my golf playing father-in-law

In case you missed it,  I included these golf balls with this gift.  The Perfect Combo!

I created the design on my Silhouette Cameo

A few pointers:
  1. Make sure to print your template out on normal paper first to confirm that you have the appropriate size/shape
  2. VERY IMPORTANT!! Make sure to MIRROR your image BEFORE you print the final image on your iron-on sheets.  Otherwise everything will be backwards.
Next, peel off the negative space, so that only your image is left on the transfer paper 
Iron on.  Done!
Honestly, I was a little worried about how it would turn out since the shape wasn't the easiest to iron and the material was a little mesh-like.
But they turned out perfectly.

Now I'm off to finish cleaning the house before the long drive tomorrow!! Adios!!

{P.S. Thanks mom for watching the kiddos... especially over Valentine's Day.... you are awesome!!!}

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