Easter Onesie - Boy

It's not even April and the Easter crafts are popping up all over the web... so I thought I'd jump on the bandwagon!  I made this Easter Onesie a few years ago for my nephew and I loved how it turned out {if only I knew how to take better pics back then...}
I also made a girl version (see here) along with a bunch of other holiday onesies.

It's really simple, especially if you own a Silhouette :)
I loved the bunny from my girl onesie

so I used it again :)
 A few pointers:
  1. Make sure to PRE-WASH your onesie/clothing item first
  2. Make sure to print your template out on normal paper first to confirm that you have the appropriate size/shape for the garment you are using.
  3. VERY IMPORTANT!! Make sure to MIRROR your image BEFORE you print the final image on your iron-on sheets.  Otherwise everything will be backwards :/
Next, either have your Silhouette cut out the image, or take a pair of scissors and cut it out yourself

All that's left is to iron it on

The only thing missing is the baby  :)

Happy Easter!
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