Pintastic Friday #6 {Painting}

Welcome to Pintastic Friday!! 
For those of you here for the 1st time, here is a little recap...   I share a few of my favorite pins each week and then pick one to make.  Last week I selected a few favorites and the "goal" is to share my completed pin with you the next this week. So here is the big question... did I actually complete anything?    {drum-roll please....... } 

I've mentioned my sweet tooth a few times, so last week my theme was cookies {yum!}  In case you missed Thursday's post - here is the yummy recipe I made.  Cookies + M&M's = happy family

Perfect mini M&M Cookies
Who doesn't love M&M's in their cookies?  My whole family went crazy for these yummy {and very colorful} cookies.  Thanks Picky Palate for the amazing recipe!


My kids love crafting {they must take after their momma}.   When it comes to picking a craft, painting is always at the top of their list.  Seeing how messy painting can be, I try to keep it an outside only activity.  Now since the weather is nicer and the sun is shining longer, I thought it was time to bring out the paints!
source unknown
Kids painting idea
By Things to Share & Remember
Rainbow Painted Toast

By Pinteresting Life of Noah

By Artsy Creations
Final_Crayola_ Initial Art_Completed

Source Unknown
love the idea of having the kids paint the mat around a picture of them.
I think my kids are going to love this weeks crafts!!

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