Rainbow Pudding Cups

I'm not sure where my brain was this week... I felt foggy and groggy and sleepy and zzzzzzzzzzz
On Monday, my friend Shelley and I were invited to a play date on either Thursday or tomorrow, my response was, "Thursday doesn't work, Madison has school on T/TH, but tomorrow should work :)"

The next text was from my friend Shelley, "Doesn't Madison have school tomorrow?"

Really?!?!?  Where was my brain?  Tomorrow is Tuesday, not Wednesday! duh!  {Thankfully my friend knows my schedule better than I do.}

Later that afternoon, I was working on my Pintastic craft of the week and since I was still completely confused on which day it was, I was worried I wouldn't have my {wednesday} post completed in time.

Then I realized I was doing it again!  It was still Monday... clearly my brain was broken.
Until today... the sun is shinning, it's 80° and the fog is starting to lift :)  So let's get started with today's Pintastic craft.

Start with Jello & food coloring
Separate into bowls, add dye and mix to the color of your liking :)
I have to admit that I was super excited to have bowls {and spoons} the same colors as the rainbow.  Thank you Ikea!  {Yes, I'm a huge nerd}

Now after trying {with little success} to place the pudding in the glass without smearing it everywhere... I figured pipping it through bags would be easier.

It worked perfectly!
If you've never used zip lock bags to pipe, it's really easy.  Snip the corner and just twist the top and squeeze out.  

I put them in shot glasses, since I couldn't find my small glass jars
So cute!

Since the shot glasses turned out so cute, I thought I'd try some other glasses
My kids LOVED these, they were sooo excited to finish dinner, so they could have their rainbow pudding for dessert.

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