Happy 60th Bday!

When my Mother-in-law, Nancy turned 60, we all wanted to do something really special for her, so my sister-in-law asked me if I would be willing to make her a scrapbook and of course I said YES!  

There was one problem, we had a ton of photos, but NO CLUE when they were taken, where they were taken or what age Nancy was in any of them... which made it kind of hard to add any commentary to the book, so we came up with a great idea.  We emailed all her family and friends and asked them to answer the following 3 questions.  
  1. What do you love about Nancy?
  2. What is your favorite memory of Nancy?
  3. List 3 words that describe Nancy
I figured we'd get a few responses and have enough to add some nice, sweet comments to the pages, well was I wrong!  We received more than we expected, paragraphs, full pages and even more pictures about memories, or things they loved about Nancy.  After reading all the sweet things people wrote, I realized that I couldn't cut out 1 single word, so that just meant that I had to add more pages... 

A LOT more pages. 

Here is how it turned out!
Cover Page and Intro Page
We surprised her with the book at her birthday dinner and she started crying before even getting the book open.  Everyone in the family took turns reading all the beautiful things people wrote.  
I think the scrapbook was a success!  
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