A few years ago I went on a Mexican cruise through Carnival and it was a blast!  I was with my family (parents and 2 sisters), my then-boyfriend (now-husband) and our very close family friends (another family of 4), so there was a whole bunch of us!  It was a 7 day cruise that went to Acapulco, Ixtapa and Manzanillo.
After a few days at sea, our first stop was to Acapulco!  We were so excited to finally get to one of our destinations! 

Here we are just pulling into the dock - almost time to get off the boat!
Our first excursion was a Hike and Snorkel at La Roqueta Island.  We had to take a boat over to the island, so I got to take lots of great pictures of the coast and surrounding town.
After a short boat ride, we finally got to the island and it was time to hike and snorkel!
The sun shining through the trees was stunning and I couldn't believe how blue and sparkling the water was!
 Picture time!
Wow, time flies when you're having fun!  
Time to head back to the boat... off to our next destination... IXTAPA!
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