Personalized Picture Frames {with vinyl}

Happy Monday!  Did you all have a great Mother's Day??  I hope all of you spoiled your mom {or got spoiled yourself}!!
I had a fantastic Mother's Day.  My kids SLEPT IN until after 9am!!!!  We actually woke up before them {I still can't believe it}.  They are usually up before 7am, but not yesterday.  My hubby woke up, kissed me and said, "This was your first mother's day present - sleeping in - I arranged it with the girls last night" hahahahahaha, he's so funny.  I wish it was actually possible for him to convince our 2 & 3 yr old to sleep in.... 

The rest of they day was relaxing, delightful and filled with love.  My munchkins {with the help of my hubby} made me an herb garden for my kitchen window.  I just love it!  Gifts made with LOVE are so special and better than anything they could have bought me.
We then spent the entire afternoon down by the bay... picnic, park, sunshine & some wine = very happy momma!  I finished my day with ice cream and Game of Thrones {did any of you watch last night?? Soooo good - right?!?!}
Anyhow, enough about my weekend, on to today's craft!  These personalized picture frames are really easy and a fun way to spruce up any frame. 
1) Create Design 
2) Cut design out on pretty colorful vinyl {using Silhouette, Cricket or something of the sort}
3) Weed (remove all un-needed vinyl)
4) Transfer to Transfer paper
5) Place onto your frame
Look at the cute result! 
These doggie frames were already super cute, but I think the names add just a little something extra.
The best part was that this craft took maybe 30 min - perfect for a busy mom like me! :)

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