DIY {sharpie} Coffee Mug

I've seen these DIY Coffee Mugs floating around Pinterest for a while and I thought it was time to make one. 
DIY Sharpie Coffee Mug |  A little about a Lot
In case you didn't know, there are a TON of Pinterest Fails in regards to the sharpie "wiping right off", so I decided to ask a friend who makes them regularly.  She told me that sharpies didn't work for her and to use Ceramic Paint Pens.   

Now normally I would have run down to the craft store to by some paint pens BUT those who know me personally, know that I'm a MAJOR procrastinator.  Unfortunately,  I had planned to give this gift to my mom... who I was going to be seeing in a few hours... eeeckkk!  

I thought... it only needs 30 min in the oven, I can do it the morning of... no such luck!

On to plan B!
I scoured the internet looking for Pinterest Success with regular Sharpies and luckily I found a bunch!  Here are a few things I learned:

* The type of mug you purchase makes a difference.  The cheaper the better.  Why?  Well it seems that cheaper mugs don't have as strong {or nice} of a glaze ---> which means the sharpie actually adheres to the mug better.
* Everything I read says "30 min at 350°" so most people would preheat oven, then put mug in - which is WRONG.  You want to put your mug in the COLD oven and then turn it on to 450° and bake for 30min.  Then let your mug cool completely before removing from oven {crack the oven door to help the speed up the cooling process}.  
* The colors will change.  So don't get upset when your red sharpie turns pink :)
* Handmade = HANDWASH.  I thought this was kind of a given, but it's amazing how many people thought they'd be okay in the dishwasher... hand wash only
* Pure dumb luck - even if you do everything right - it still might turn out wrong.  

Luckily my mug turned out perfectly - hahahahaha - except for my terrible penmanship, but heck, it give it character :)

I did a simple design  ------>  Madison + Riley = Happiness for Nana
DIY Sharpie Coffee Mug |  A little about a Lot
DIY Sharpie Coffee Mug |  A little about a LotDIY Sharpie Coffee Mug |  A little about a LotDIY Sharpie Coffee Mug |  A little about a Lot
DIY Sharpie Coffee Mug |  A little about a Lot
See the date?  My momma's birthday {well minus the year}....  and here is a picture from April 16, 2014 {almost 7 months later} via my mom's FB page
I must say that it still looks pretty darn good!  Hopefully you'll have the same dumb luck as me :)

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