Valentine's Wreath w/felt roses

I really don't know why this took me sooo long to make.  It's VERY simple and should have taken an afternoon, but the combination of being 7 months pregnant, having a 16 month old and pure laziness, it took me a week!  Anyhow, this wreath is SUPER cute and like I said, SUPER simple - as long as you have a few (undistracted) hours to work on it.

First you buy felt, a LOT!  You can choose whatever colors you like, all pink, all red, all white, or a combo.  I actually wanted red, white and a soft pink, but all soft pink was sold out, so it was hot pink instead - but I think it still turned out fantastic!

There are so many flower tutorials out there, so I won't bore you with the specifics, but you cut your circles out (I used an old CD) and then you start cutting them into spirals.
Next you start rolling and rolling and rolling, until you have a table full of roses - like this!
Once they are all rolled up, time to pull out the handy dandy glue gun!
Now you just start the process of gluing them to the foam wreath.  I only covered the front and sides (not the back), since it was going to be hanging on the mirror above my fireplace, no point it covering what nobody will see.
Now you can use any type of ribbon or string to hang them up, but when I first saw this wreath on Pinterest, they used tulle and I loved the way it looked - so I just did the same
The great thing about this wreath, is depending on the color roses you choose, you can really make it for ANY occasion.  Maybe I'll make one using white, dark & light green for St. Patricks day...
Happy Valentine's Day!

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  1. I cannot believe mine is the first comment! This could not be cuter!! Simple too - I love doing crafts with granddaughters and we will be making this soon. For now, I'm pinning this excellent and beautiful creation. So glad you shared!


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