Turkey Day Craft Ideas

I know I should have started this earlier... but I want to make some Thanksgiving decorations!  Since we are having Thanksgiving at my mom's this year, I thought I could make a few of these things for the dinner party.

Here are a few things I found and they look easy, inexpesive (my favorite) and super cute!

Courtesy of Miranda Made
Now, since I didn't start this in Oct (for November) I thought I'd have all the dinner guests write down what they are thankful for, and then we can hang it above the fireplace, for everyone to see!
Courtesy of Martha Stewart
With 20+ people at the dinner, I thought these would be perfect!
Courtesy of Martha Stewart
Now everyone will know where they sit :)
Courtesy of Martha Stewart
When I saw these, I knew that I had to make them!  They are so cute and could work for any holiday, just switch out the color of the candle to match the decor.

As long as I can track down some Beeswax sheets (without having to order online and have them shipped) I think I can get these done before Turkey day!
Courtesy of Martha Stewart
There are so many more fun ideas I want to do, but I'm only one person and I only have a few hours a day to get things done (aka, when my munchkin is napping!).  So check back over the next few weeks to see what crafts I was able to complete!

Happy Turkey Day!
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